Prostate Cancer Survivor

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Gary Parker of Jacksonville, Florida, delayed scheduling his annual physical exam for several months. Though he was overdue for a check-up, he had a full schedule with work, family, and day-to-day life tasks, like many of us are. Then, while reading articles on his iPad, Gary encountered an article written and circulated by NDM about the benefits of annual health screenings. One of the touchpoints in the article was the fact that cancers are more easily treatable when diagnosed in the early stages. After reading through several patient narratives and testimonials, Gary decided it was time to go in for blood work.


The day after having his blood work done, Gary received the call.


Gary was told that he had slightly elevated levels of prostate-specific antigen (PSA), a protein produced by cells in the prostate gland. His physician referred him to a leading urologist, who ordered a biopsy of his prostate.


Gary’s biopsy results revealed that he had prostate cancer.


His urologist performed a robotic-assisted prostatectomy, a minimally invasive operation in which the prostate is partially or completely removed. Operating on or near the prostate is a delicate procedure, but with robotic-assisted surgical technology, surgeons have access to excellent, 3D visualization of the operation site, as well as more precise movement. What’s more, the minimally invasive technique requires only a small incision, resulting in overall better outcomes and faster recovery time while minimizing patient discomfort and blood loss.


After a speedy recovery from the surgery, Gary is back to his normal routine. If he had not stumbled across NDM’s work, Gary may not have taken the necessary steps that ultimately saved his life.


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